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The ATAER Energy CCPP plant has two GE LM6000 series gas turbines and one SIEMENS steam turbine. Two gas turbine generators with 49MW installed power, steam turbine generator with 27MW installed power, the power plant with a total installed capacity of 125MW and annual production capacity of kWh. The Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) and Once Through Steam Generator (OTSG) boilers are located at the exit of the gas turbines and provide the necessary steam to the steam turbine. These include air-cooled condensers, water-cooled condenser, two demineralisation systems, 12 pieces (chiller) temperature control system and many auxiliary equipment. The plant has 154 kV outdoor switchgear and  34,5kV closed switchgear the power generation and distribution lines.

The plant through blackstart feature it can produce  energy even though no energy in the interconnected electrical system.

At the island mode feature, the plant has ability to operate independently from the interconnection system. All consumers in İAOSB are provided with uninterrupted energy supply.

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